Friday, January 6, 2012

A Finish And.......

I had a baby quilt top up on the shelf so I decided to sandwich it and free motion quilt it.  It started out very well, then I turned off the machine and went and did some other stuff and came back to it, turned on the machine, sat down and started back in.  I kept thinking, "This morning this was going so much smoother.. maybe I'm tired?..."

Turns out I didn't set the stitch length to zero when I started back up, so I was fighting the feed dogs the whole time!  UGH!  Oh well.  I put a little sticky up that says in BIG BLACK LETTERS  "FEED DOGS DUMMY!!"  I think that might work.
I swear this quilt is NOT as wonkily crooked as my finished picture looks.. I have no idea why it looks this way in the picture:
So that was done around 10ish this morning.  I had big plans to work on the Bear quilt for my boss, Paul, however I was reminded that I needed to get my couponing stuff in order since that was one of the big things I wanted to do this year, was be diligent with couponing so we can afford to go to Hawaii (or somewhere equally as warm) next winter for a vacation.

So the rest of my day was spent with this disaster:
At least now they are all organized.  My daughter's spelling wasn't that great on her tabs that she made was it?   Tomorrow morning will be spent perusing ads, making lists and matching up coupons to sales so Sunday we can go grocery shopping.

I would do it tonight but my brain hurts and I really want to get something done on that quilt top so I'm sewing instead of what I "should" be doing. 


Pen Pen said...

I forget the feed dogs,too! I like your new quilt... the quilting is very pretty!

rubyslipperz said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today about Dr Oz. I wanted to reply to your email...but, it said "no reply blogger" =(

I'm glad you are going to find a point to start. That's GREAT... =)


Samantha said...

I have no idea what "no reply blogger" means. Hmm... is that something in my preferences? Guess I better figure it out so I can get emails from people! Thanks for letting me know Annie!