Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Getting Back to "Normal"

The power is back, and has been for 3 days now.  Yesterday I cleared and cleaned mine and hubby's bedroom.  He uses a corner of our bedroom as his home office and most of the stuff in the room was stuff that is his that he will have to sort since I don't know what he does or does not need.  I cleaned out the closet and the accumulated junk under the bed (we have a very tall bed so we tend to just stick stuff under there until more won't fit) and then moved the rest of it around and put stuff that he needs to sort in a couple of boxes for him.

He has more shoes than I do, AND more clothes.  My daughter thought that was quite hilarious.  She was helping me since my back is giving me fits.  She also thought the fact that we found a couple of things that he has been trying to find for months was quite funny also and she intends to tease him for quite a while about it, since one of the things was almost exactly where I told him I had seen it last but he said it wasn't there.

I am working today and tomorrow outside the home.  I figured I'd get as many hours as I can before the Feb. 3, date when I will be out of a job.  Not that I am overly sad about that, but a little extra money never hurt anyone!

I am late with my swap block, but I emailed my partner a couple of times to keep her abreast of my situation.  Her block is cut and will get pieced tonight after work and in the mail tomorrow, then I just have Sunni's Tree of Life block to finish up since it is cut also.

Friday I'll likely spend the day working on my tutorial for my turn as Queen Bee so it will be all ready for the 1st.

My squishy came in the mail, but it was when the power was out and I didn't even think to take pictures so I'll have to do that after I get them all ironed once they are out of the dryer.  The positive of not having power was that I got 3 books that have been waiting for me all read and I'm almost done with a 4th book.

I suppose I ought to go get ready for work.  Hope eveyone is having a great day!

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