Friday, January 13, 2012

Hubby's Man Quilt in Progress

First off... 27 followers!  YaY!  Getting close to that 30 mark where I said I'd do a giveaway!

Now on to what this post is really about.  Man Quilts.  I got bored with the Bear quilt so yesterday morning I started on the hubby's Wolf quilt.  My progress so far, since I decided to make it as a Quilt As You Go is moving right along. 

The center portion of the back of the quilt, on the batting:

I've found that what works for me is making the center back and center front portions as close to the same size as possible then I find the centers and then I 'spray baste' the back onto the batting.  Once it is on and flattened out I flip it and mark center on the batting side as well.

Next I find center on the ... back of the front? :) and lay that on the center that I marked on the batting.  I use safety pins to baste the front on my 'quilt sandwich' then.  Here is the front before I started pinning:

I managed to get my front center and my back center almost exactly the same size this time.  Now it's all pinned up and ready for me to quilt this portion.  I showed him this center medallion and he really liked it.  My daughter said I impressed her when she saw it.  I have to say, once it is done I'm glad that it will be on our bed when in use because I am really loving it too!  I am thinking I'll try different sizes of Mariner's Compass blocks for the rest of the front with maybe some other stars thrown in, along with my panel pieces.  As always, I'm working from an idea here, not a plan.  I really should try doing these things with a plan.


Pen Pen said...

It is gorgeous ... are you quilting it in sections? If so, I want to know how you put it all together. I am looking for an easier way to machine quilt something big!

Samantha said...

I am but I piece the sections and add them and then quilt them. There is a tutorial here that I am going to use on another quilt I have in mind:

I'll also document the steps I'm doing with this quilt here on the bloggy so you can see how it goes together. :)

The Twisted Sister said...

Very nice!