Sunday, January 29, 2012

Random Sunday

First things first... Sunni's block is done!

My daughter and I went 'toodling' around on Friday.  She turned 21 on the 21st so she wanted to go and get her "regular" ID, not the one with the picture facing the wrong way.  She doesn't really need it since she hates the taste of alcohol, but at least this way if we are out and about she can come in the Casino with me while I blow the "free" money they send me every week.

Her oldest brother was trying to talk her into letting him and his wife take her out to her first bar yesterday.  The conversation on her end was something like this:
"I won't have any fun." 
"I'm sure you will keep guys away from me." 
"ICK!  I HATE marguritas!  Mom had me try a sip of one she made one time.. it was terrible!" 
"No, everytime she tries a new drink I try a sip and it is all disgusting!" 
"Bleh!  I do NOT like wine either!" 

You get the idea.  Not that we are big drinkers mind, I like a glass of wine once in a while and hubby will have a beer with dinner maybe once a week.  I do like a margurita with my mexican food, but usually I'm way to cheap to stop at the liquor store and buy anything!

Anyway, I have wandered off my original subject which was we were out toodling around and she wanted to go to Goodwill and see if she could find some books to buy.  My daughter is a reader.  She owns more books than I've probably read in my life.  I like to read, but I have other things I like to do as well.  She wants to be a writer so she reads voraciously!  While at Goodwill I found these:

The first one is just a small wall quilt.  I am collecting small quilts so I can start decorating my walls.  It's a beaut huh?  Only $3.99.  It's a shame it isn't signed.  I love it!

The second one is crib or snuggle sized.  Daughter LOVES all things penguin so when I saw it I had to grab it up too.  It is a project Linus quilt.  $2.00 for that one.  Daughter has been using it non-stop when she's cuddled with the cat on the couch.

Someone had already been through the sheets so there wasn't anything vintagey and pretty but I did find a yard of some older designer quilt fabric for $0.99 so I grabbed it too.

Saturday I was completely lazy, other than working on stitching around the heatbonded pretties on Sunni's block I didn't do a thing but watch the 'boob tube' and relax.

Probably tomorrow after I get my grocery shopping done I'll make my test block and tutorial for Stash Bee  since I am Queen in February.

I hope everyone else has had a lovely weekend.  I'm enjoying the blog posts that I'm reading!


Pen Pen said...

Love the conversation from your daughter...LOL. I can't BELIEVE you found such pretties at Goodwill. Shame on whoever donated them, but GOOD for you!!!

Samantha said...

I know Penny! Seems like my local Goodwill has a quilt or two in there at least once a month, I just seem to hit it right so I am the one to grab them up! I can't leave a stray quilt at the thrift shop, especially for those prices!

The Twisted Sister said...

Its sad that someone dpent so much time, aking those and they ended up at goodwill. Im the same way though, if i see one i have to buy it. They make nice donations to homeless shelters :-)

I love your stash bee block. Im excited to make one for you soon too :-)