Friday, January 20, 2012

Snowmagedon 2012

We are at my oldest son's house showering and getting a hot meal in us.  We live in a very outlying area so our power went out as soon as the freezing rain started knocking branches off the trees on Wednesday afternoon.

Our power probably will not be back until mid-week.  Thankfully our oldest lives in an area very near commercial buildings so they got theirs back after only one night so we'll be coming over about every other day for a hot meal and a shower until ours is back, as long as they let us come steal their hot water!

Amazing how cranky and annoyed one gets after 2 days of no shower and a house that is 50 degrees!

So, I will be back as soon as I have power and I hope that anyone else in the same situation we are is surviving it!


The Twisted Sister said...

What state are you in? Luckily hete in Ohio its been very mild... Until of today of course. It was zero this morning.

Pen Pen said...

oh no.... the fun of winter! I love snow, but not when the power goes out. Stay warm!!!