Monday, January 16, 2012


Well, I only ordered squishies I didn't get them yet, but they are ordered!  I only needed one thing but I told hubby I was going to order enough to get free shipping and everything I ordered will go into already planned projects so I actually saved money getting it now than by going to the expensive quilt shop in town!  That is what I tell myself anyway. :)

Today there is snow outside!  Not much, probably not even 2 inches but it is all white and sparkly out there and so very pretty!  Not even 5 years ago I'd have gotten the kids to put on warm stuff and we'd have gone out and played in it, but now when I get cold my joints ache so I think I'll just stay inside, have my coffee and then get busy sewing.

Hubby is anxiously awaiting his quilt and I have a picture of it in my head now so I'm going to try and accomplish as much as possible today.  I'm going to be using different sized 6 and 8 pointed stars and while I have some of them cut and a couple of them sewn it will take a whole lot more than I have done to make a whole quilt so I better get crackin'!

I hope everyone has a lovely holiday monday!


rubyslipperz said...

I'd luv to see pics of the squishies you ordered...and the "man" quilt you are working on =)

We are in Utah...and just today - Jan 16th, we are getting a bit of snow. We NEED the moisture and it is really pretty! ...but,Of course, this is the week there is family coming in to do stuff and one of our DDs is moving into their new house. Weather doesn't always have the best timing, does it?


Pen Pen said...

what is a squishie?

Samantha said...

Penny, A "squishie" is a package with anything squishable inside, this time it is the 6 yards of fabric I ordered from Can't WAIT for it to arrive! Before I found this term on other blogs I just called them "my precious-ez". My daughter will tell you that I do a Smeagol impersonation second to none, of course that could only be because I can get her laughing hard enough with it to make her almost pee her pants. ;)

Annie, pictures will be forthcoming as soon as I get a bit more added to it. :)

Pen Pen said...

ha ha... i even googled 'squishies' and 'quilt' togethr to see what turned up. I just knew that was the magic tool to help with my quilting!!! :-)