Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Stalled Progress

When I found out this morning that I didn't have to work today I was so excited!  I figured I'd be able to work on the Bear quilt, but hubby had other plans.  I am not going to complain though!

I've been using our old kitchen table that we have had for probably at least 15 years as my sewing/craft table.  It has had hot glue plopped on it, paint spilled on it, india (?) ink spilled on it when my son got into inking his drawings.. anyway it has been through all sorts of abuse.  For the last few years it has been my sewing table and since it was cheap when we bought it and had been in use for so many years the center of it was a bit bowed.  I would occassionally complain because it was hard to rotary cut on it, due to it's bowed condition.

Hubby was going to build me a custom extension table for my new Pfaff.  The ones we looked at HE didn't like because they just weren't that big and I agreed that the bigger the flat surface around my machine the much better I'd like it.  Today he decided to go out and start making my extension table as soon as he got in from his graveyard shift where he works.  As he was looking at it and trying to figure out what he wanted to do we were looking at things online to get ideas.

He said "What if I could set your machine level with the table you are using now and then we could cover the thing with Plexiglas?"

I was all in for that idea!  Can you imagine how such a large completely smooth surface will change the ease of quilting?  Hubby and I are a lot alike.  Last night I was working on the top for the Bear quilt and I said "Wow, that couldn't have fit better had I planned it" and daughter says from the living room "Uh... didn't you plan it??"  to which I replied "I never really have a plan when I start these things (meaning any quilt I've ever made) more like an idea and I just sort of change it and make it work."  She just laughed at me.

Today I found out that hubby is much like that as well.  He didn't really have a plan so much as an idea as he was cutting the hole in the top of my table!  After he cut the hole he sat there looking at it for a while then went and cut some 2x4s and a rectangle out of a piece of plywood.  He came in and started bracing the underside of the table and lo' and behold he pretty much flattened the top of my table out so I won't be complaining about not being able to rotary cut on it anymore!  He will get the plexiglas tomorrow on his way home from work.  This is what the mess looks like now:

I'm not going to clean up the sawdust and stuff (okay I cleaned up most of it) because he will just be out there making a mess again tomorrow before it's done.  He already built the box under the hole where the machine will sit.  He assures me that when he is done I will have the best sewing table around.  I can't wait, even though I will have to work tomorrow and won't get to use it, unless my boss is sick again!

Yesterday I did make progress on the quilt top and so far it looks like this:

And after my daughter asked me about my plan I used the drapery over the window in my sewing room to sort of make one.... it looks like this:

I guess since I can't sew today on it I'll play my computer game that I haven't played in ages. 


Pen Pen said...

Cool.... your table is going to be awesome!! I can visualize where you are going with the bear quilt and it's going to be great.

Danny said...

I'm a Stash Bee mate and now I'm following you!