Sunday, January 1, 2012

UFO to WIP #1 Progress!

So I started piecing the back for my first UFO to become a WIP.  I posted about the "Man" quilts that I'll be making as my first UFO to WIP projects.  Well I decided to make them all fully reversible.
The first one will be "Bears" and the back is all pieced and I've started working on the quilt top.  Without further ado, here is the quilt back.  It is about 68 inches square and all but about the first 1/6 of it was pieced on my new sewing machine!

There might be a border around this, not sure yet since I'm not really sure where the top is going to take me.

Using panels makes things go a bit faster.  I've never used larger panels like I am for these projects.  The "Bears" quilt is for my boss.  The "Wolves" quilt is the one my hubby wants, the back of it will be similar to this.  The last one will be eagles on one side and deer on the other and it will also be for my hubby since he has been waiting for years for the wolf quilt I figured I'd make him two, then he will be really happy.

After the man quilts are done I have some red and black asian themed log cabin blocks already pieced.  My youngest son says he might want dibs on that one so I'll do it after the "Man" quilts are done.  I have my first couple of months pretty well planned I think! :)

I can't wait to get the top for this quilt done so I can try out the free motion quilting on my new machine!  I did some practice with it last night so I could get used to the machine a little since the needle isn't quite as fast as the one on my brother was.  I am thinking of trying some pebble quilting on these quilts since I really like the look of it.  We'll see.


Pen Pen said...

I'm sure you are enjoying your new machine! My Brother is still new to me, as I got this past summer. Before that, I had been sewing on a vintage singer.... over 25 years old, my first Christmas gift after we were married. :-) I'm amazed at how far sewing machines have come!!!
I like your man quilt with the bears, how cool that it will have two 'fronts'. I loved your comment about facebook on my post; i haven't really gotten into too much trouble, but I hear people fighting at work sometimes about someething that was said on Facebook. LOL

Samantha said...

:) Hubby was the one that told me I have diarrhea of the fingers when it came to facebook. So far "this" year I've done pretty good though at not commenting without brain being in gear! :) I had only sewn on Singers for my whole life until I got that little brother that I've been using.

Buying this Pfaff was really eye opening. I loved the Brother machines that I was looking at as we were shopping for this machine but the ones I wanted were way out of my price range, even the preowned ones.