Monday, February 13, 2012

A Busy, Not Busy Weekend.

My plan to finish something this weekend fell completely through.

Okay that's not totally true.  I finished a deep clean on my kitchen which included a total reorganization of my pantry shelves.  I also finished the lists, coupon clipping and planning for my big grocery shop tomorrow (that's about an 8 hour endeavor just to plan it since I hit about 4-6 grocery stores depending on deals and 2 pharmacies).  I also finished adding the inner border to the Heart quilt.  That was just Sunday.

Saturday I spent the day running errands that hubby wanted to run and we got massages for Valentines.  He got 2 hours.  I only got 1 hour.  I hate anything but my back getting rubbed and I think they get bored after an hour trying to find things to do that they haven't already done.  :D

Trying to find a place to go out and eat afterwards completely fell through.  I forgot that since Valentines is Tuesday that everyone would be taking their sweeties out for dinner this weekend.  So we got Papa Murphy's Take and Bake Pizza and came home, which was better anyway since it is quiet here!

So tomorrow I shop and hopefully I can get all 6 stores done within a reasonable amount of time so I can come home and add more borders and quilt!  Trying to save money with coupons is working very well for us, but man, is it time consuming!


Pen Pen said...

Couponing is very time consuming, but so much fun and so rewarding! I've gotten away from it recently, but still love to shop the weekly sales.

Cindy said...

I wish we had Papa Murphys here in Atlanta.
Love that pizza!