Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dead Sewing Machines, Broken Irons, and Failed Hair Color...

I know.. they are small things and I really should not whine, we have food, a roof and so many other things that we take for granted that the small trials of my life are just that, small.  But because of the luck of where I was born, and into what era I have these advantages and when they do not work correctly it can really annoy me. 

Now that I have put it all into perspective for myself.... :D

My less than 2 month old Pfaff (the one that I wasn't liking very well because of all of her little quirks that now seem more like manufacturing flaws) more or less died today.  First she wouldn't automatically pop the bobbin over after she wound it.  Then while I was sewing she slowed to a crawl and no matter what I tried or did or checked she wouldn't speed back up.  She is going to the shop tomorrow since I spent the money for the extended warranty they better figure it out... though while I'm there maybe I'll tell them to keep Peri (even though I was starting to get a bit attached, despite her quirks) and give me a comparable Brother.

My Iron also stopped working.  I am SO close to done with this quilt I can't believe 2 things went wrong in one day!  Though, to be honest since cheap and expensive irons seem to break with equal frequency it was only a $10 iron so I'm not overly heart broken.

Lastly, while looking in the mirror last night I noted that I have a LOT more gray, especially since I haven't colored my hair in months I can really see it.  So I took out some of my stockpile of hair color that I got while it was on sale and with a coupon.  Decided on a sort of reddish/blonde that I have used before with great success and proceeded with the coloring of my hair.  Now I'm not sure where it all went wrong as I did it just as the instructions said, but my hair turned out ORANGE.  Not a good color on me!  Today I put a darker color over it and that toned it down quite a lot but it still has this sort of odd reddish/orange tinge that I'm not really sure about.

As days go, not one of the best.  I'm going to pull out my old backup Brother that sort of works, half the time, and see if I can go ahead and finish this quilt before today is over. 

As I said at the begining though, I am trying very hard to keep it in perspective.

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Colleen said...

Just think, after a day like today it can only get better tomorrow! Right? BTW all of my classes were would up and over the top today. Post Valentine craziness?