Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Fun Day!

A couple of things to report.  Going to be busy quilting the next two sections of the D9P today and adding more if I get to it.  Here is where I'm starting:

The colors are off because I was using daughter's camera which needs to be taken in and traded for a new one.  2/3 of it still needs to be quilted before I add the next sections (which aren't sewn up yet).

Next some pictures of cuteness!  Tama and tIQa in their new favorite spot.

This is typical Tama.  Whatever you are doing he wants to be laying on top of you and it getting petted.  tIQa does this rarely, she is our more standoffish cat acting cat. :)

On another front.  My daughter who has made two quilt tops (small ones) in the past, informed me a couple days ago that she wants to make a quilt but she wants to buy all new fabric that she has chosen rather than using my stash this time.  New fabric!!  Er.. I mean, I'm sure she will choose very nice things. :D

I'll keep you updated on this.  I'm excited but I can't act TO excited or she'll change her mind.  She's got an idea in her mind and she only wants do her thing without a bunch of outside input so I will try very hard to keep my mouth shut and not over advise her!


Rachel said...

Ohhhh, try really, really, really hard...(experience here) because if you are able to be quiet (it is SO hard) then a couple of quilts later she will be happily asking your opinion and before too long she will say, "Hey, Mom, I am going to set up my sewing machine in your office so we can quilt together." :-)

Needled Mom said...

Maybe you can convince her that ALL quilts are made from scraps?????? LOL

The D9P is looking great.

quiltmania said...

So wonderful that your daughter wants to share your passion. You are right though, try not to sound to excited and scare her off. LOL.