Sunday, February 26, 2012

Just the Prototype...

Yesterday (Saturday) I took my hubby to Best Buy, you see I was going to get him a gadget.  He LOVES gadgets!  Everyone where he works (or so it seemed to him) got a Kindle Fire for Christmas.  He did not.  He liked it.  He wanted one, and so, since we had a little extra last week I told him to get his cute little behind in the car and I'd take him and buy him a present.

He complied.  While we were looking at the Kindle and then they had a Blackberry tablet that was priced the same also, he started to waffle.  I told him, "You need to decide which one you want!" He said "Are you sure?"

As if I had taken a whole day when I could have been sewing just to NOT buy him a gadgetie prezzie!  Silly man!  Finally I told the sales guy "We will take the Fire."

Needless to say, he loves it, he hasn't put it down except to sleep since it came in the front door! :)

He said last night that he needed a cover for it.  I, being the smarty I am said "I can make you one!"  HA!

First I sat him down and made him look at the Kindle covers I could find tutorials for.  He didn't like any of them.  "Well I can use what you do like from them and make up my own."

He picked fabrics, I pulled all my hair out, but finally I have something he likes, I just have to figure out what sort of thing I'm going to make for a closure thingy.  He doesn't like any of my ideas, or anything he's seen, and he can't come up with one of his own.. so this is what we ended up with.

He wanted a pocket on the inside for his notecards.  Check!
He wanted hard cardboard in the front cover to protect the screen.  Check!
I wanted the cardboard to come out fairly easily if it ever has to be laundered.  Check! (I think.)

So that was my sunday.  You wouldn't think something so small would take so long and cause so much frustration!  Now though I bet I could fire one off in about an hour, since I know what I'm doing.. more or less. ;)

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