Saturday, February 18, 2012

Making It Work Anyway

Not good news on the sewing machine front.  Long story short, I took it in, they were very busy, someone "looked at" my machine for 2 minutes, decided there was nothing wrong and sent me home with it and "if it does it again bring it back."

Of course as soon as I got it home it worked for about 3 minutes then started doing it again so I called and they are giving me a new "body" and taking this one back when I take it in tomorrow.

I'm sewing anyway.  I pulled my old Brother, backup machine out and I'm putting all of the swap blocks that I have received so far from both swaps into one quilt.  It will be a very samplerish quilt but it is what I felt like doing today since I can't work on the big quilt until I get a big machine back that works right.

I also joined a doll quilt swap that I'm very excited about.  It will assure I get at least one finish per month, even if it is something small, plus I love making small quilts with little pieces. :)  The blog for it is here: Doll Quilters Monthly

It is brand new and begining in May. 

That's all on my homefront.  I hope everyone is having a good and productive weekend.  Lots of rain and gray skies here so the place to be is inside, making a quilt! :)


Jamie Lee said...

Gosh, that sounds like a real PITA and they should make things right next time you go in!

Second Chance Tan said...

Bad luck with the sewing machine.... is there a local person who services machines who would take a look at it and give you some hints?? I found a guy named Keith in our local magazine advertising, and he serviced my machine and is now doing my friends... it's benefitted my old machine no end!! The swap sounds interesting, looking forward to seeing your dolls quilt here some day soon x

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