Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Teeeeeeeny Blocks?

My daughter always comes out into the sewing space to see what I'm up to, to see if I need a cookie, or some tea, or some hot chocolate.  She's such a sweetie!  She just turned 21.  She's always been this way.  We never had a bit of trouble with her when she was a teen.  Yeah, she had mood swings, but with a brother older and a brother younger than you and being the only girl, it was bound to happen once in a while.

Both boys are lucky they lived through it! :D

Anyway, she came out to see the block that I made for my partner for Block Swap Adventure pronounced it "beautiful" and then she saw these:

"Holy cow woman!  What the heck are you going to do with such teeny blocks?!" she said.

I explained my plan, and like so many of my crazy  awesome ideas she just shook her head and said "I can't wait to see that when it's done!"

And now, I bid you all a goodnight, even though I am still up for an hour and half so I can draw my winner for the blog hop.  I shall catch up on some TV viewing until midnight.  Goodnight.. and good luck to those who entered my giveaway!

Did I mention that I'm going to do another giveaway when I get 100 followers? :)

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