Saturday, March 17, 2012

Don't You Love Surprises?

Me too!  Yesterday while I was writing my tutorial for the Kindle cover I had my ear buds in and was listening to my "Adele Station" on Pandora.  I didn't hear a knock at my door, and the dog didn't bark, so how was I to know?  Get to the point Sam!  Okay!

My across the street neighbor, Gloria, or as a co-worker, Renate, and I called her Glorious, is a lovely woman.  When I needed a job, she bugged me until I put in a resume to work at the clinic where she worked and I think because she recommended me I was a shoe in. :)  Gloria is also a quilter, I've seen her work, Glorious! ;)  And, I found out a couple days ago that she reads my blog when she emailed me about the Kindle cover! 

This lovely woman came over and while I was Adeleing out and sweating over that tutorial she left a pretty little blue bag on my doorknob.  What was in the bag? 

She saw my gardening glove post and so she picked these up for me.  Don't you love it when someone thinks of you and does something wonderful like this?  She assures me that they are SO much better than using gardening gloves.  I can't wait to use them!  This quilt is top is taking so much longer than I anticipated (I had to unpick a bunch of seams *sigh*)  I thought I'd get to try these gloves by now!  Thank you Gloria! (Maybe I should finish the wall hanging I'm making for her... )

So the quilt I'm working on now is for a friend that I recently reconnected with on Facebook.  We were in High School together.  I'm not sure if I have mentioned this yet, probably so, if I have you can skip to the picture.  Anyway, she has custody of her 6 year old grand daughter, who has cancer.  My friend, Kim, asked would I make the little girl a quilt.  That is what I'm working on.  I had to talk her into letting me do it as a gift.  She always was so sweet, but like me, a bit pigheaded about letting anyone help her. :)  I love you Kim if you are reading this!!  So this is where I am on that, you can't see but the brownish material has kitties on it laying on posh furniture in lovely jewel tones.  The color is off, I think the last time my daughter dropped her digital camera something went haywire, I can't seem to get a pic with the right colors.  Might have to use that extended warranty we bought.

That is it for me today.  I need to get back to piecing and hopefully finish this top tonight so I can get it quilted on Monday/Tuesday.  Also must do another few blog hops and hope to win some fabric! :)


quiltmania said...

Well isn't your neighbour just so sweet. I'm sure you will enjoy your gift!

Izzy said...

Your neighbor is super sweet! :-).

Needled Mom said...

How thoughtful!!!