Tuesday, March 13, 2012

HST Crazeeeness!

As with most things, I had no clue what I was going to do when I started.  After I made the star (4 inches square... yes the HSTs are teeny) I looked at it for about 2 days before an idea began to take shape in me wittle pea brain.

Of course I cut the next triangles to small for what I had in my head so i had to change my plan, since this will be a doll quilt for a swap and I didn't want to waste all that work!  This will be the only picture of it that I'll post until it is done and swapped, since it is sort of a sneek peek type photo since it isn't even 6 inches square yet.. and the quilt has to be 12"x12" up to 30"x30".

If I know me, as I work outward I'll come up with more brilliant plans that don't work right, but in the end, hopefully I'll have a doll quilt that someone will love.

Now... how would a person quilt something like this?  Maybe I better not think of crossing that bridge until I get there... Assuming I can get there with so many of these crazy, teeny HSTs to make still!

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Danny said...

I was making HSTs last night too! Small world!