Monday, March 12, 2012

Swap Blocks & A Confession Of Sorts...

Is there a quilting method that you absolutely LOVE the results of, but when you are actually using the method, the process is something you do not really enjoy?

For me it is paper piecing.  I try to love the process, but I just can't.  I know the result will be worth it though, so I always stagger paper pieced projects and only do little bits of them at a time.

To prove that the results are worth it the two swap blocks I made this month.  The first is for Natasha for Block Swap Adventure and it went out to her within the first week on March, so hopefully she has it by now.  The second is for Cindy for the Stash Bee.

I'm also working on New York Beauty blocks, though I didn't join the Quilt Along, then I feel to much pressure to get them done in a timely manner, and with 3 swaps that I already "have" to do stuff for, it would just be to much, especially since I have that dislike of paper piecing.

So tell me, what is the method you love the result of, but you find the process to be tedious or the whole time you are doing it you think "I just wish I was DONE already!" ?

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