Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Back To Rain

After several very nice days here in the Pacific Northwest we are back to cooler weather and rain.  I don't actually mind the rain that much but as I get older my hands, shoulders and knees seem to dislike the cold and damp weather that is so often what we get here. 

Hubby says we are moving somewhere warm and dry, like Arizona, after he retires.  I'm begining to think that might be a sound plan.  I grew up in the Willamette Valley in Oregon so the weather is basically the same as we get here in the Puget Sound area, only about 5-10 degrees warmer.  I know I would miss all of the greenery if we ended up somewhere dry and hot.  I'm pretty sure I won't miss mud though. ;)

Today was spent on bee and swap blocks and adding to a Round Robin work of art.  I can't post a pic of what I added to the Round Robin as it is a mystery *cue spooky mystery music* but I can post the Stash Bee blocks that I made for CeLynn.

Now back to my ongoing WIP, the Disappearing 9 Patch.  Almost done with it!  I'm thinking maybe this weekend if I don't get sidetracked again.  I still have pinwheel blocks to make for a swap also.  Those will likely get done tomorrow, and then everything can go in the mail on Friday!  YaY!


Kristy QP said...

Love those bee blocks! They are so elegant!

Masha Novoselova said...

so beautiful blocks!

Jamie Lee said...

They look great!

Michele said...

Nice blocks.

I know how you feel...the cold and damp makes my fingers numb. I prefer the summer weather.

The Sunflower Patch said...

Just returned from vacation in Cali,where it rained the whole time we were in northern Cali. It is snowy and windy at home,was around mid 60's when we left!

Can't wait to find these lovelies in my box ;)