Monday, April 2, 2012

Manic Monday!

Remember that song by the Bangles?  Am I showing my age?  I was a teen in 80s so I have all of those catchy 80s tunes stuck in the back of my head.  My son says "Mom, I can say ANYTHING and you know a song that matches it!!"  Pretty much... yeah.

Today has felt very manic.  For about 3 weeks we've had flu, colds and allergies raging through our household of four.  Allergies are still very much in the fore front, but at least now we are medicating when it is really bad.  We can't complain to much since at least the weather is starting to warm up, the bees in the hive are getting out and getting busy and there are blooms starting to peek out here and there.

Today I got packages for the 2 Round Robins in the mail. I Recieved one of them that I need to work on and get back out by the end of April.  I got half of my grocery shopping done, I'll have to do the other half tomorrow.  I've got the fabric for Swap Adventure sorted, now I need to order fabric for Stash Bee blocks then I think I'm set for this month.. I'll just have to sew everything!  I also have to finish a kid quilt by the end of April so I can start on the next project for a customer.

Last week I recieved my winnings from the St. Patrick's Blog Hop.

Nicole sent me this great charm pack of Reunion and a Drunkard's Path template!  I can't wait to get stitching with this fabric.  I already have a plan, now I just have to work the project into a few empty minutes!

Marcia sent me these great greeting cards with toesies on fabric.

I also got the first Doll Quilt from my Doll Quilter's Monthly partner but I'm not going to take a photo of it until it is in it's official place so I'll post a pic of it tomorrow likely.

Time to get to work making dinner and then more sewing!  Gotta catch up all the sewing I missed being sniffly!


quiltmania said...

I am sew jealous. LOL. I wanted those drunkard path templates, that is till I realized I have a set already. Congrats on your wins!

andsewon said...

Hope you are all on the get well fast track now!Wonderful loot ya have there!
I did shopping yesterday and wore out today!