Saturday, April 14, 2012

Saturday Stuff

A picture tour of my day....

My daughter and I usually leave the newspaper crosswords on the kitchen table and we will sit and work them for 5 minutes at a time, sometimes together, sometimes seperately but we always finish them, each doing our bit.  This morning with my coffee, I worked on the one we have in progress, and read a bit in a book of short stories I got from the library.

After everyone had been fed and such, I got jealous of my daughter because she did what you see below.  I tried to learn to knit a while ago, but got frustrated and asked hubby to help me figure it out because he knits, then I got frustrated with his teaching method and gave up.. :D  he taught daughter how to get started knitting this morning.  She got further than I did when I tried!  I am jealous, but also glad she caught on, maybe she can teach me?

After a trip to Walmart for those things that are cheaper at Walmart, household cleaning and body wash and that sort of thing.  I came home and started making the knitting bag I'm making for hubby to haul his yarn and needles around in.  Trying to make it manly.. black and green.. manly yeah?

Then since I had all of my rainbowy strips hauled out and since I got bored making log cabins I decided to piece some strips and cut em and see what happened and I ended up with this... will likely add other colors and make a whole quilt.

Then I started piecing some green strips together to make another row around the blue block.. really should be working on the D9P you can see stuffed in the corner.... it's nearly done but I keep getting sidetracked!

Then I remembered I had the stuff to make cheesecakes.  So of course I had to do that.  They are cherry cheesecakes, but you can't see that through the condensation on their lids.  Wish they would hurry and cool so I could eat a piece!

Now I'm here, telling you about my really sidetracked day.  I'll probably sew for a while longer and then watch an episode or two of Eureka.  I didn't realize how much I'd like it.  I'm working my way through season 2.


quiltmania said...

Sounds like you had the perfect day, a little of this, a little of that!

quilt happy said...

love my lazy days since hubby and i have retired