Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sew/Sew Weekend

Bee blocks, swap blocks, a swap quilt and a mystery round robin.  All things I have been working on this weekend.  I finished one block and am almost done with another.  The quilt will be done tomorrow and posted on Tuesday and the round robin thingy I have a plan for and so it will be done and mailed as soon as the quilt is done.

Now I'm trying to choose which UFO to pull out to be my next WIP.  I REALLY want to start the Summersville quilt, even though I have so many other things already started but I just love this fabric!  I'm going to do a Drunkard's Path variation that people are calling "Mod Flowers" but that my Grandmother laid out a bit differently and called Jesus' Tears.  I think since this fabric is so bright and fun I'll go with the Mod Flowers layout.  I guess I should pull out either the more than half done Bow Tie quilt or the 1/3 done Jacob's Ladder quilt and get them finished though.  To many started projects, so little time!

My Mother's Day has been very uneventful.  Hubby washed and waxed the car and now we are trying to decide what to do with the afternoon since it seems like a waste of a sunny day if we just stay inside.

Updated Stash Report (I'm gonna call it YTD even though I'm actually starting on May 1, 2012. I'm not going to take the time to count everything in my stash starting out :D )

YTD Fabric In: 6.5 yards
Fabric In This Week: 6.5 yards
YTD Fabric Used: 12.5 yards
Fabric Used This Week: 3 yards (all on swap stuff)
YTD Thread in: 2 (300 yd) spools
YTD Thread used: 2 (200m) spools 2 (300 yd) spools

Stash Busted YTD: 6 yards and 2 spools of thread.  Not to bad considering I only started reporting a week ago. :D

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Pen Pen said...

Very good, girl! Use that stash! I wish my car was washed and waxed yesterday!!!