Saturday, June 23, 2012

Stash Report 6/24/2012

But first....

Friday I went accross the street to test out an Accuquilt and help my neighbor with a quilty question.  Gloria is my accross the street neighbor and she is a quilter extraordinaire!  One day a couple of months ago I was over there for some reason and I was telling her about this lady who had listed a huge fabric stash for sale on Craig's List.  From the other room her hubby says very forcefully "NO!"  We both started laughing and I said "Hey, is Aaron (my hubby) over here?? That sounded just like him!"

So anyway, she let me use her Accuquilt for a couple of hours to cut out these:

I'll have to hit her up again once I get these sewn since I'm sure that is not enough for a quilt but it is all I felt like cutting at the time. :D

Then Friday, Saturday and today I've been working on the Bowtie quilt that I started however many (to many to count) years ago from blocks I got on eBay.  Some were together, that is what this is being made out of:

I still have 20 blocks to add and a border.  This is a utility quilt, strictly to add to the stack of quilts we use for warmth and for tossing in the grass to sit in the sun or take to the beach to sit in the sand.  I have only one quilt right now that I won't allow those uses, it is a bed quilt only.  I plan to remedy that after I get a couple more utility quilts made.  I'm QAYG that one.  Then I've been interspersing that with chain piecing the blocks that were not together to make this:

I kinda like it with the sashing and cornerposts.

Last thing before my report.  Gloria had a gadget called the Fab-U-Motion that she said she got but didn't really like.  She sent it home with me so I can try it and see if I like it.  I watched the video and I think it will work but I'll need probably 4 of those larger binder  clips (hubby calls them butterfly clips, I call them gator clips) to make it really work well.  I'm going to set my sewing machine on my work table and stand to use it when I am done piecing that second bowtie top and try it out on that.  Anything to make the wrestling job that FMQ is now easier, I'm all for it!  Has anyone else used one of these?

My stash report started May 1, 2012.  I keep saying I won't bring more fabric in, then I cut out a quilt and end up short fabric.  I've been trying to get my UFOs all cut out and ready just to sew during the times when I get tired of sitting at the machine.  Luckily the local fabric shop still had the 4 fabrics I needed to finish cutting out a couple of projects that I bought fabric for a few months back.  I lucked out!!

YTD Fabric In: 5.25 yards
Fabric In This Week: 3 yards
YTD Fabric Used: 29.75 yards
Fabric Used This Week:  0

Stash Busted YTD: 24.5 yards

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quiltmania said...

Your bow tie quilts look wonderful. Glad to here that you USE your quilts!