Friday, July 6, 2012

Finally Something To Report!

I have been sewing a little, but I've been doing a lot of other things too.  I've been reading since my last finish, and going out and sewing for a few minutes here and there until I finally got the borders on Bow tie Deux.

Here it was about 4 hours ago before the pin basting got done....

After I got it all pinned and slid onto the sewing machine (after determining that the Fab-U-Motion was not so Fab, at least not for me) I realized I had no quilting plan.  So with no idea what to do I came in here to see if I could find similar layouts and see how other people quilted them.  I've found a few with panto quilting on them but nothing FMQed.

I'm thinking maybe I'll do some sort of swirls in the corner posts, maybe sort of a viney thing in the sashing and echo quilt the bow ties then cross hatching on the borders maybe.  I guess I'll see where it takes me.  If I mess it up it won't matter since this is another quilt for us to use until it falls to pieces in a few decades.  The three quilts that I am phasing out that are now falling apart are all 20-30 years old and have been used and used and used.  If I can get that sort of longevity out of the 4 or 5 I'm going to finish before winter for our use I'll be super happy!

So that is my weekend since the spousal unit it working all weekend which makes both of us a bit unhappy, but like he says "gotta do what you gotta do".  I shall make him special dinners as often as possible for the next 8 days til he gets a day off again.

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