Monday, July 16, 2012

Great Granny Square Monday

My Great Granny Square quilt is getting her borders today.

Two of the fabrics that were in my Bukhara bundle I swore I'd never cut into, they were the kind of fabric that I put on my stash shelf and once in a while think of using them and then change my mind because they are just to pretty to cut.  Well, I am proud to say that I cut into one of them for a border for the Great Granny quilt.

Heres a picture of Great Granny before I started adding borders.

Yesterday I stopped at the local quilt shop Gee Gee's to get a yard of fabric that most closely matched my background fabric.  I am the cheapest person I know so I only buy fabric on sale, but this time I found the perfect thing... for $12 something a yard.  I bought a yard and then spent all of yesterday regretting it, but then when I would look at it against the background fabric in the quilt top I would stop.  Really I had no choice since there wasn't anything remotely close to the pale minty tone on tone anywhere else in the store.  Trust me, I looked! :D

By wednesday I am hoping this will be a flimsy then I can go back to quilting the bowtie quilt maybe if it isn't to hot outside.  I have at least 2 more of these Granny Square quilts planned, one out of what's left of the Bukhara (and I will make sure I have tons of whatever I choose to use for the background) and then one or two of them out of the
Fa lalalalalalalalalalalalalala... er.. jelly roll that I got.

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Michele said...

I like your choice of border fabric but I would have a hard time cutting into that one too. And I know you hated spending that much for the yard but sometimes ya nbeed to if it is the perfect fabric for the project. At least that isn't something you have to do often.