Saturday, July 14, 2012

Last of my squishy mail!

The last package I was expecting showed up today.  Squishies from  Now I can make the bee block/s I was waiting on this for.

Plus I got some more Kona Charcoal for the Gothic Windows quilt, Kona Turquoise for a couple of different projects that are percolating in me wee pea brain and a yard of this loopy Summersville fabric for the Summersville quilt, again it is percolating in my brain.

Not much sewing yet today as we just got home from Hubby's birthday dinner.  He just went to bed though so I'm going to go out and try and finish up the middle part of Sherbet and get started on borders.

Happy Saturday everyone!

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Pen Pen said...

Love that turquoise color....its gonna be pretty!!