Monday, July 30, 2012

Pics of Last Week's Finish!

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Richard & Tanya Quilts 

Since I finished the second bowtie quilt I've done very little in the sewing space, worked a bit on the autumn colored Jacob's Ladder (another one that will be for our house) but other than that, not much. 

Since I woke up today feeling a bit better than I had the later part of last week (it all culminated yesterday in a fever and a horrid headache) I decided today I'll get some baking done and some sewing if time permits.  Jacob's Ladder and possibly start making the flying geese for Sherbet's next border if I can get to the fabric store to get some more of the minty green that I need.

Without further ado, pictures of last wednesday's finish: Front, back and close up of the back and some quilting. :D  It finished at 79.5" x 71.5" and has been on our bed ever since it got done.


Elizabeth said...

I love that bowtie quilt! Love it, I tell you. The colors are so pretty and the fabrics are awesome. I really love the quilting! A lot! Beautifully done! Thanks for linking up!

xo -E

Pen Pen said...

It's beautiful! Did you put it together in sections, or one whole quilt?? I'm going to try putting one together this week in sections.