Saturday, July 7, 2012

Quilting Has Commenced

Quilting on Bow Tie Duex has commenced.  I was also a bad girl and ordered some fabric.... I just couldn't resist Bukhara so I ordered half yards of the collection from The Intrepid Thread.  It was to much to resist.  I also ordered some Kone Solids and a yard of the Summersville loopy looking fabric from  Plus I won a couple of fat quarters and a $25 gift certificate.  So my plan of "no more new fabric" isn't working out to well! 

Oh well... I refuse to be depressed about it! LOL!  So here is the quilting I decided to do. 


Pen Pen said...

LOL on the new fabric...just a little bit won't hurt. Your quilting is pretty on the bow tie quilt.

quiltmania said...

Your quilting is really making the bow ties pop. Great job!

Michele said...

Everyone just need to stop having all those great sales, right?