Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sometimes Slacking Is Good

I haven't sewn a thing in 3 days.  Why?  Just because.  I went into my sewing area today with every intention of finishing my piano key borders on the second bowtie quilt.  I only have one and a half left to do then I can baste it and start quilting.  When I got out there though, my brain had another plan. 

While I sew, any scraps that are big enough go into a huge rubbermaid bin.  I was looking at the bin thinking that I knew I had more 1 3/4 inch strips in there so I should dig them out, since the border I'm making is very scrappy in yellow, blue and red.  After I dumped the bin I decided I needed to organize and iron scraps instead of sewing.

I started with this:

And when I finally quit for the night I had this:

Can't tell the difference?  I can!  I have nice neat stacks of strips now and some larger scrap nicely ironed and back in the bin.  I plan to continue to work on what's left an hour or two per day until every single scrap has been sorted and ironed and put neatly somewhere, or has been deemed to small and tossed.

I hate having to dump this bin and dig through everything to find what I desire.  Oddly I have a very good idea about what is in there and about how much of certain scraps I have.

Anyway, tomorrow I'm back to the second bowtie quilt and hopefully I can get it ready to start quilting on Thursday or Friday.  I'd like to keep my "finish" mojo going if at all possible since I have over 40 UFO/WIPs on my list. 

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Diana and LaDonna said...

I agree, sometimes slacking is very good! I too have lots of small scraps. They are just in bags right now. The thought of going through them is paralyzing! But my husband and I are in the planning stages of redoing my sewing room and once that is done, I think the task won't be so daunting!