Thursday, July 12, 2012


You ever, a day later, go back and read a post you wrote and go "Wow, how whiney, mean and exaggerated!" and wished that you hadn't posted it at all?

That was yesterday's post.  I reverted it to a draft, just so it will remind me not to do that again.  The beauty of our modern age is you can do that, edit yourself a day later.

So for those who didn't read yesterday the gist was this, got up early, had no running water, had another disappointment that would have seemed minor if I'd had a shower, whined, griped and moaned about it, had Starbucks since I couldn't make coffee at home.

Normal me would have focused on the deliciousness that is Starbucks, yesterday, unshowered grouchy me focused on everything else.  I appologise to those of you who read it.

Our water came back on last night around midnight so after my son came and woke me up to tell me that (the one time I didn't get irritated with him for waking me up) I got up and had a shower then went back to bed and slept like a baby.  A clean, sweet smelling baby. :D

This is what my WIP from yesterday looked like this morning early and I'm getting more and more done.  There will be 7 each of these blocks and they will become a quilt that I am not sure what I'll do with yet, maybe try and sell it since I have enough of the fabric to make myself one also.

I didn't follow the tutorial for the 12.5 inch blocks at the Great Granny Along exactly since I don't have enough of the background fabric to waste even a quarter inch of it.  These will likely have a 1 inch sashing made with the background fabric and possibly corner posts of the middle fabric.  I also have some very large print fabric that I might use for sashing.  Not sure yet.  After I get a few more done I'll lay them out and audition things with my daughter's help.  She is much better at fabric matching that I am, though I don't think I could have failed with these since they are all from the same line, save the middle fabric and the background fabric.

Reminds me of orange, raspberry, lime and lemon sherbet.  Hubby says they look like summer to him. :D


quiltfool said...

On a regular basis, I rewrite what I've said. Your blog post yesterday was very human. Some days, life just gets in the way of joy. Your granny squares look terrific! enjoy them. Lane

Jamie Lee said...

Oh I read your post yesterday and meant to comment. I would be grouchy on a day like that for sure!!! Heck I am grouchy on a good day! I hope your son finds a good job soon.

I love your great granny along blocks! Very pretty! I already made a granny square quilt but I might do this too because I had so much fun picking scraps for the first one.

Michele said...

Oh put that post back up girl. There was nothing wrong with it and quilters are real people too so it is good to see the grouchy with the good sometimes.

Pen Pen said...

LOL, I have removed posts before, too. However, it feels good to get things off our chests sometimes!! So happy you have water again and I love your new blocks...yes, I agree with your husband....reminds me of summer!