Monday, August 27, 2012

Sew I'm At a Standstill....

I think I've mentioned before that the room where I sew is a craft/sewing/junk storage (not MY junk of course.... )/multipurpose mess.

Well, my work table has been taken over by the hubby since early Saturday morning so I've gotten nothing done at all on the Star Wars quilt. *imagine big frowny face me*
He however has managed to get a couple of cajon drums built and stained. His first one was a trial run and sounded great! Wait... don't know what a cajon is?  This video might clear it up a bit.. it's a drum you sit on!
Anyway.. his first one, the trial run turned out great and it sounds great but it isn't fancy since he wanted to make sure that the woods he chose would sound good. 

That's the back of the first one he built.  (He stained them Monday morning and they are still drying... maybe I get my tables back tomorrow?)

That's the front of the first one.

The second one he did all in that dark stain and made the back (where the sound hole is) really fancy.

Anywho.. now he has it perfected (more or less) he's going to make some to sell in the local music store.  They sound better than any of them we played in the two big music stores where they actually had them.  He also says I need to develop some rhythm so I can maybe play one.  Did I mention that hubby is a guitar player?  Our oldest is an harmonica player.  The youngest plays guitar, ukelele, and keyboard and he will likely end up playing the cajon too.  Daughter and I have been known to warble a bit and I'm learning the ukelele.  Maybe one day we'll take our act on the road!  Of course that would mean we'd have to actually decide on a genre of music that we all would learn to play.... :D


Lisa Cox said...

I love cajon drums. My husband is a drummer and has 4 drum sets, LOL, but for some reason I just can't get into those sets. I saw one of these at a store one day and I loved that even I could make it sound good.
I've even seen side tables and coffee tables that were made to be played like drums.

Pen Pen said...

I didn't know what cajon drums were, but your husband did a beautiful job. I can't wait for you guys to take your show on the road. :-))