Thursday, October 4, 2012

First Week of October

So I've been doing a little of this and that but I've had a head cold for a couple of days so I've been overdosing on tea and taking it easy... plus it is so annoying to have to stop sewing, blow the ol' shnozzola, go wash the hands, sew for 5 minutes, blow the ol' shnozzola, ... etc... 

On this one there are two more borders to finish quilting then the binding to do.  Probably  one more day worth of work.

This lovely little goody came in the mail this last week all the way from South Africa!  I won these and I plan to buy some buttons from Incomparable Buttons the next time I need buttons.  Love these buttons!

Our brother-in-law wants a Spidey quilt.  Sort of hard to make a Spidey quilt look adult but this isn't to bad.  I've been adding borders as I feel like it.  It'll be twin sized when it's finished.  Hopefully Dan will like it.

This is what I've spent the last couple of days working on a bit at a time between tea and other "cold care" stuff.  This one will be in my Etsy shop after it's finished.  I'll sash it with natural muslin and some Falalala cornerstones then figure out some borders.  I really like how the Great Granny Squares have turned out with the Falalala.

 My oldest called this morning to tell me what he needs for his costume so I'll likely work on that this weekend since it is very simple (except for the applique part) so it shouldn't take long.

 After I feel better I'll be working a bit more quickly on things.  Hope everyone else is enjoying the beginning of October!


Kathleen at Rose Prairie said...

It is looking wonderful, someday I need to make one. Especially after seeing yours.

Pen Pen said...

Busy, busy, busy... I love the quilting in your sherbert quilt. Spider man is totally cute and the fa la la is looking good, too!