Wednesday, October 24, 2012

WIP Day!

Before I get to that though.... I told my 26 year old that I'd make him a tunic for his Knight costume.  He is making a chain mail shirt and he made a coif as well.  After we deliver it and he puts everything together I'll post another picture but here is my part with a makeshift belt so I could see sort of how it would look.  This is my youngest who is built a lot slimmer than his brother but you can still see what I was going for I think. :D

So that is that.  WIP wise I'm back to work on the Star Wars quilt.  I've got about half  of the weird borders on the fussy cut blocks to make them square/rectangley looking.  Once that is done then the checkerboards and borders will go really quickly.  Doing these weird "frames" for those wonky shaped fussy cuts is making me nuts though! :D  

So that is that!  Linking up at Freshly Pieced!

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Mandy said...

wow that looks really cool! I'm not a Star Wars fan at all, but it looks really great & some fan will love it! Great job!