Saturday, November 17, 2012

Goofy Saturday

That's right, it's Goofy Saturday at the Harvey house!

Something about me that those who know me well know, is that if I haven't gotten much sleep I tend to be either goofy to the point of giddiness or I get really grumpyrumpy.  Today I am goofy, in a major way... goofier than normal and I'm pretty goofy on a normal day as it is.

My cat, Tama (actually is supposed to be my cat but loves daughter better) thinks that when the food bowl is empty, day or night, I am the one to call.  A couple of months ago my daughter dubbed me "Magic Food Person" because of this.  Now if the bowl is empty at 3 A.M. (as it was this morning) Tama comes and jumps on my bed and meows right in my face until I arise and magically replenish his food.  "Magic Food Person!  Magic Food Person! The dish.. *gasp, sigh* is EMPTY!  Wake up Magic Food Person!!"

If you have seen the pictures of Tama that I've posted on my blog, you see that he is not about to die of starvation anytime soon!  Anyway, this had led to me being a goofball today (more than normal).  I just wrote all new lyrics for the "Spiderman" theme song in fact.  While playing with my Spiderman bobble head and making his wibble wobble I happily was singing "Spiderman, Spiderman, he can do anything a spider can.  Spiderman, Spiderman see the gang sign I flash with my hand!"

 See?!  Proof!  Look at his hand!!!

Now to show some of my normal goofy....
I am really hard to get a gift for if you are not getting me fabric or a gift certificate for fabric.  Really, it is pretty much the only thing I can ever think of that I want!

Hubby deals with this by getting me something big that I need every 3 or 4 years on or around our Anniversary and then that will cover it for all holidays and occasions for the next 3 or 5 years.  I'm absolutely good with that since the last thing he got me was my beloved sewing machine!!

Anyway, once in a while he will see something that he KNOWS will appeal to my "unique" tastes.  That is where Cap'n Anchovy comes in.  Cap'n Anchovy is a Pirate.  He's not a very good one though.  He has the patch and the hook (which sorry you can't see in this picture) but he also has his huge, bushy mustache that he is VERY proud of.  He says it makes him look like Tom Selleck only as a Pirate.  Whatever Cap'n Anchovy!  The Cap'n sits in various places in my sewing area and supervises my work.  This is his current position, I wish he'd move though because he keeps hollering anytime one of my seams gets a little crooked and it really annoys me!

Cap'n Anchovy was my Anniversary present a few years ago.  Perfect!  I was so excited you'd have thought I had just won the lottery.

Anywho... My friday sewing consisted of the block for Stash Bee for Colby.  I really love it but for some reason it took me all day for some reason.  It wasn't that hard, I think I was recovering for my marathon of sewing days to get Hana's quilt done.

Today I'm working on the Star Wars quilt and using daughter as my research assistant to find a good Luke Skywalker quote.  We think we have it but she is still looking to make sure.

Happy Saturday Sewing everyone!


Jamie Lee said...

You're not my father!

The star looks great! I still have to make mine.

Michele said...

Ha! You get goofy like me. Glad to know that I'm not the only one. The pirate ie hilarious but I hope he knows his place. I do like the block a lot but perhaps you didn't indulge in enough treats while you were working on it. That would help answer why it wasn't the easiest to do.

Pen Pen said...

Too funny! I want to make some rag dolls to 'watch' me in my sewing room. I really like your star block.

Pen Pen said...

Too funny! I want to make some rag dolls to 'watch' me in my sewing room. I really like your star block.