Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Yesterday I got to babysit my niece and nephew for most of the day!  I love those little kids so I was super happy to get to spend a day with them.  I grabbed my bag that I keep full of scraps with some hexie templates figuring I could work on them while I watched the little rug rats.  Boy was I wrong.  I forgot how physically and emotionally exhausting little kids can be!  Not only that but my niece was NOT in a good mood.  Usually she's the cutest, sweetest little bug you ever wanna meet, but yesterday she was a tired, grumpy little imp.  My nephew however was as sweet at pie, usually he is the one who doesn't want to have anything to do with me! This is what I accomplished on my big hexie goal:

Almost one flower down and however many it will take of 1.5 inch EPP hexies to make a quilt! :D  I'm guessing it will be a lot.  This will be my "take it with me" project when I know I'm going to be sitting waiting anywhere.

Today I'm in my footie pajamas and planning on doing nothing but working on Star Wars until the top is done and then adding to the back to make it big enough and get it all ready to baste tomorrow.  That is my goal and I will accomplish it!  Here are pics of the back and front.  The back is girly enough I hope for his wife since she isn't a Sci-Fi fan like he is. :D

Maybe after I get that bottom row of picture blocks and the borders on SW I will take the time to figure out which colors I have enough of to use in Bonnie Hunter's coming mystery quilt and start pulling them since I've been procrastinating on it. 

Happy Tuesday everyone!


Jamie Lee said...

It is hard to craft and watch kids! I have three girls 6,4, and almost 2 and it can be nearly impossible to do anything but keep them alive some days:). The Star Wars quilt really came together nicely. I bet they will both love it!.

Pen Pen said...

I love the star wars quilt...back and front! They are going to be so excited that you did that for them.