Saturday, November 10, 2012

Saturday Sewing

Sort of an eventful week around here as far as things not going right.  Hubby woke up halfway through his sleep cycle on Wednesday with a toothache.  The dentist got him in the next day but by the next day he was coming down with a cold.  Needless to say he has been sort of cranky.  He isn't one who deals with being even a little under the weather very well at all.  He seems to be feeling a little better today, so that's good.

I started coming down with his sinus thing last night and this morning my head feels like it's full of cotton but that hasn't stopped me from getting going in the sewing room.

I decided on the two borders for the Valentine Mystery Round Robin and started on them:

I'm also getting back on my circles schedule.  Two more will be added to this at some point today:

And as always until it's done, once I get the above things done I'll be working on the checkerboard borders for the Star Wars quilt.  Good thing about being under the weather is we won't be leaving the house today!  It's cold out there!


Michele said...

So sorry that hubby is sick and you aren't feeling great either. I've been battling with my sinuses too and it drives my nuts. Have fun with the round robin borders.

Marie said...

Beautiful reds for your Valentine quilt.