Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Secret Sewing

I can't show any pictures because I don't know if the person this is for reads my blog or not.  The story goes like this though.....

I wanted to make a quilt for someone and I knew what colors I wanted.  At my LQS they have "The Birthday Club" where the computer tracks your spending and then you get a percentage of your yearly spending back on your birthday as a gift certificate.  When I was working I spend A LOT on fabric and things at the LQS so in June my birthday certificate was for around $40.

I went in and found 'the perfect' fabrics for the quilt top in the discount room (40% off regular price, 50% if you finish the bolt) and snapped them up.  I knew I had fabric for backing so I didn't worry about that.  

I brought them home and sewed up 20 blocks and started laying them out and I HATED how they looked.  "Why on earth did I think these fabrics would go together?!" I lamented to myself.  I folded up the remaining fabric, put the blocks with it and buried it in one of my UFO bins.

About a week ago my son reminded me that the person that the quilt was going to be for has a birthday coming up and didn't I want to make a quilt for them?  *SIGH*  

I neatly put away all of my other projects and dug the fabric and the 20 finished blocks out of the middle of the bottom UFO bin and sat looking at them while making the borders on the Quilt U Be Mine round robin mini.

I still hated the blocks but loved the fabrics.  Wait..... what if i add sashing.  I auditioned about 4 fabrics and then thought well maybe I need to use something that I don't think will work so I pulled a couple more things out of the ol' stasharoo.  Eureka!

The boy came out and pressed for me while I chain pieced another 29 blocks and sashed them all.  It goes so much faster if I have someone else manning the iron.  Yesterday I got the borders on and the thing is pin basted and ready for some easy peasy straight line, or maybe squigly line quilting today and it should be in the mail by Friday, in time to get there for her B-Day.  Of course if she reads my blog she now knows she is getting a quilt but I will not put a picture up until I know she has it!  I am loving it SO much and I'm SO glad I have enough fabric for another one!  Seems to be a 'thing' with me.  Making two of nearly the same quilt so I can have one and give one away. :D

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Jamie Lee said...

That's fantastic! Sashing to the rescue!