Monday, December 10, 2012

Of Bandwidth and Fabric

So the title is weird but I was trying to think of something clever and came up short.   First a report.  Clue #3 of the Easy Street Mystery on Bonnie Hunter's Quiltville is "in the box" literally.

That link is to the Monday linkup page. I haven't trimmed them yet but I'll get to it.

My two kids that are still living at home, 21 year old daughter and 19 year old son, went to house sit for my oldest son who is 26 over the weekend.  My internet has never been so fast!  As soon as they got home and the 19 year old got his computer all booted back up my internet is once again a lagging bucket of slow.  I refuse to upgrade it again.  I am thinking of limiting when he can use the internet though to when I am likely to not be using it.  It is SO annoying and HE get annoyed if I am doing things that make his games lag.  I remind him that hubby pays for the internet and so if anyone has a right to complain about the other person it is my right to complain about him slowing me down, not the other way around.  I think this would be one of those twitter hashtag #firstworldproblems?

In other news.... and this is the best part of the weekend.... Hubby downloaded the plans to build me a quilting frame!  He researched it well before and then I saw a blog post of someone who's significant other had very recently built her the same frame and she loves it!  Hubby says he has most of the stuff he will need already and after he gets paid this week he'll go to Lowe's or Home Depot and get the rest.  I am so excited I can hardly wait.  Of course this means that I need to clean, organize and reduce clutter in the multipurpose room with a vengeance so there will be room out there for it.  A small price to pay to make quilting huge things easier.

My main goal this week is to get the Quilt U Be Mine top that I have now added to and in the mail, Stash Bee blocks done and in the mail and the block that I want for Make it Modern done and the tutorial written.  If I can get all that accomplished I'm going to work on the big Jacob's Ladder utility quilt that I'm making for our quilt stack.  It seems like there is something else I "have" to do also but I can't for the life of me remember what it is right now.


Tami C said...

Sounds exciting about the quilt frame. So nice that your hubby is going to make it for you. Be sure to post pictures when he's done. I think you should limit your son's computer time to when you aren't using it. I trimmed my dog ears while watching quilt cam!

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

Just let the kids know you will not complain about the internet, but they are now paying the bill. It is good practice for when they move out on their own anyway. That will give you more money to buy fabric to piece it together so you can quilt it up on your new frame.

Pen Pen said...

I can't wait to see the quilt frame. I'm still researching...hoping that something big is my near future, too. Can you send me a link to the blog with the lady's quilt frame that you were talking about?

Michele said...

Yeah for you for the soon to be frame. I can't wait to see it.

Anonymous said...

Your patches look fantastic. My hub made me a frame but we lost it in the myriad house moves over the years :-( Clue 4 is nearly here – woo hoo!