Sunday, December 2, 2012

Weekly Progress Report

This week I didn't get much done until yesterday and today.  The dumps I have been down in are getting better, and the more time I spend in the sewing area the better they are getting.  I also was almost done fighting off some sniffles but woke up this morning with a full blown head cold!  DayQuil is a miracle drug... okay maybe not but at least it made it so I could breathe a little better.

The Easy Street Mystery from Bonnie Hunter clue #2 went up on Friday.  I'm a bit more than half done with it.  I am not using her colors because my stash was severely lacking them and I'm on a no new fabric diet for a while.  I am using a brick red print as my constant (done with that fabric since we used all we were going to in clue #1), a natural muslin as my background, gold in place of Bonnie's purple and then darker foresty greens and gray blues in place of her lime green and aqua/turquoise blues.  All stash fabric!

Here is where you can go to find the links to the clues and the link ups for each week's progress.  Easy Street

Here's the link up for the second clue!  Easy Street Monday Link Up 2

As you see I found my Klingon teddy bear and he is keeping Cap'n Anchovy company.  The bear's name is mIl'oD, which is Klingon for sabre bear.  Turns out the bear thought he was the kind that hibernates.  He was buried in my large pile of batting scraps.  Silly bear.

Speaking of my batting scraps.  They all came down so I could piece a few of the larger ones together so I could do this:

Yep, I got the back done yesterday and got this all pin basted today (hence why I didn't get part 2 of Easy Street done yet) and ready to quilt once I get the 2nd clue done.

Hopefully I can get it all quilted up by Friday.  I'm doing cross hatching in the squares and likely some sort of very simple meander quilting with stars on the other blocks.

Now that it's pin basted I'm getting excited to get it done and given to hubby's boss! 


Jamie Lee said...

Fun, I'm glad the Star Wars is basted!

The Thimblemouse of Country Crossroads said...

Looking Good!

Anonymous said...

As a Star Trek fan myself, your bear is hilarious! The geese are looking great and it's good to get that stash sort of used up.

Kathy said...

I love the Klingon Bear! It gave me an idea of something to do for my son's old teddy bear to welcome him back from college. And Easy Street is also looking fabulous!