Saturday, January 5, 2013

Five Days In and I Got Nothin'!

Well actually, I did finish LaRae's tablet computer case, I just need to decide how I'm going close it.  Snaps might scratch her screen, I can't get my buttonholer to button hole through quilted stuff ( I suppose I COULD hand sew some button holes... ) and I don't have any Velcro.  I guess maybe a trip to town will have to happen later anyway since we are out of milk, I could get some Velcro then.

Other than that I haven't done any sewing.  I got sucked into a really good, really long book so I've been reading when I should have been sewing.  

Hubby starts vacation on the 11th and other than a quick trip down the freeway at some point to Oregon to visit his Uncle and family it will be a staycation since the $$ situation is running a little lean.

I wish I was running a little lean!  I haven't really been sticking to my eating plan either.  This is why I usually don't make resolutions.  I am a comfort eater and if I'm under any type of stress I eat like 3 pigs.  

My plan of action for today is to piece a couple of borders for the "secret" quilt and get them on and maybe cut out Tasha's Kindle cover if my brain will only come up with some sort of plan for it.

I'm hoping we have more of a staycation than a gocation so I can get a lot of sewing done. 

Secret quilt
LaRae's tablet case (not done... was to small so what I made will be a clutch and she will get a matching tablet case! LOL)
Tasha's Kindle Cover
Catch up on Easy Street 
Bee and Round Robin commitments (Stash Bee, Make It Modern, Quilt U Be Mine, so far)
Charity stuff

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