Wednesday, January 30, 2013

W.I.P. Wednesday!!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Fanciful Felines was delivered last night and our friend Sue LOVED it!  She and her husband have always been so kind and helpful to us when we've needed it and it was nice to give her something.  I have another of those panels already becoming a quilt in my UFO pile and either one or two of the panels left so there will be other Fanciful Feline quilts.

2 more things on my January list and they are getting done today (I hope).  At least one of them will get done the other might, but it will definitely be done tomorrow.

First I'm working on my 8.5 inch block for Modern Mini Mystery Round Robin.  I just LOVE these border round robins more than I can express!  I'm actually going very modern with my center block.  I'm "trying" to do an improv log cabiny thingy.  We'll see how that goes. I'm using the scrap pile that has been building from the last finish or two.
EDIT:  And done!  Went far outside my comfort zone and did an improv block that is 8.5 x 8.5 but slightly off kilter. :D  I can't wait to see what my MMMRR group comes up with for this thing!

Also the fabric for my daughter, Natasha's, Kindle cover is on the cutting mat.  I think I finally hit on my inspiration for this one this morning while staring at the fabric and simultaneously trying to pass the stupid level of Candy Crush Saga that I'm stuck on for the last week and a half (I hate this game and don't know why I keep playing!).

Lastly I revised my February list.  Originally it was just way to long and while I want to challenge myself with my list I want to make sure there is a chance I can actually get it all done!  Plus hubby wants his Wolf quilt, like 2 years ago, so I am adding it, rearranging and making it my ALYOF goal for February.  I just need to go out and dig through the UFO bins and actually find it now.

Secret quilt (I'm convinced I can still get 'er done)
Log Cabin for Aaron's Aunt & Uncle
LaRae's tablet case w/ matching clutch 
Mikey's crocheted hat
Bee and Round Robin commitments (Stash Bee, Make It Modern, Quilt U Be Mine, center for Modern Mini Round Robin)
Tasha's Kindle Cover 
Charity stuff
Bee and Round Robin (Stash Bee, Make it Modern, Modern Mini Mystery Round Robin)
Quilt U Be Mine (I'm adding more borders to make it snuggle sized) Done by the 14th for the reveal
Pink doll quilt for a friend's grandbaby.
Aaron's Man Quilt (QAYG project will be my Lovely Year of Finishes Goal)
Make It Modern quilt (Mama Goose) I want to start assembly on the rest of the quilt and get as far as I can
Bonnie Hunter Mystery quilt work on this if I have time after all the rest! :D
Charity Stuff  done and sent already


✾Jamie Lee Cooley✾ said...

I like that aqua and teal butterfly fabric. Did it make the "cut"?

Angela Bullard said...

That reminds me--I need to get started on my mystery block as well! I hope your turns out wonderful!