Friday, February 1, 2013

A Lovely Year of Finishes: February Goal Setting!

First of the month!  A nice clean month in which I have not had to rip a single seam!  I probably just jinxed myself!

So this month I want to get several things done but the very most important is the hubby's "Man Quilt".  I think I've posted about the saga of the Man Quilt before.  I bought the first fabric for this quilt, likely 10 years ago, maybe more.  I bet he could tell you!  I bought enough of it at the time for several quilts, it will be the back of the quilt (and the backs of at least 2 more Man Quilts).

When I bought the fabric I did this and got no further:

This is now just a quilted pillow panel since the 9 patches and gray blocks were seam ripped off earlier this week by my daughter.  So once his Man Quilt is done he will have a pillow to go with it.

Since I bought that first fabric (the wolf pillow panels and there are also bear pillow panels on the same fabric as you will see later in this post) I have been collecting fabric for this quilt.  A. Lot. Of. Fabric.  I bet I have enough fabric collected for 2 or maybe 3 quilts of just the wolves and wolf panels.  Here are a couple pictures of some of the fabric:

Have I mentioned before that my hubby is Native American?  I also have Bear fabric (because he likes bears), Eagle fabric (because he loves eagles almost as much as he loves wolves) and deer fabric because he likes it too.  A. Lot. Of. Each.  I bet between all of them I have enough for maybe 10 man quilts!

I decided that this would be my LYOF quilt for February.  I will be forced to finish it and he will finally have his quilt, and before winter is over too!  Everyone wins!  Even maybe a couple of you (as you will see later in this post).

This is a quilt as you go quilt, though I might just finish adding the rest of the back and the rest of the front, pin basting it as I go and then quilt it at the end, just seems easier somehow.  Here is how much of the back is done:

Here is where I am on the front, and I have a lot more 6 and 8 pointed stars cut out for this and I'm trying to figure out what my plan was for the layout since I haven't looked at this in a while other than to just look at it and decide it was to much bother....:

I know once I actually get going on it that it will come together nice and I will love it since I have a week spot for blues.  Plus if I can pull off the quilting I want to do it will be a stunner.  That Mariner's compass is the middle of the quilt.

Now for the really good part.  Once this is done I will be having a giveaway or 2 or maybe 3 with some of the extra wolf fabric, what I have left will determine how many winners I'll have.  Hopefully some of you like wolves and would like some of my leftovers from making this quilt, since I really collected a lot of wolves in the last however many years it's been.

My February list follows with the things in the order I hope to finish them.  I hope you all can accomplish all of your sewing goals for the month!

Bee/Round Robin (Stash Bee, Make it Modern, MMMRR)
Quilt U Be Mine Finish (I'm adding to it to make it bigger, done by the 14th)
Pink doll quilt for a friend's grandgirl (no plan yet done by the 8th)
Aaron's Man Quilt (some progress will be my ALYOF goal quilt, done by the end of the month)
Make It Modern Mama Goose Quilt (start assembly and get as far as I can on this top)
Easy Street (If I get everything else done then I'll make a bit of progress on this)


Mara said...

Good Luck in all of your goals, loving the Man Quilt idea, it sounds and looks like it will be great.

Gwen said...

I also hope you didn't jinx yourself with that first comment! I often keep my seam ripper sitting out, figuring that if I put it back in the drawer that will just guarantee that I'll have to use it again soon!

Good luck at getting that quilt finished--nothing like setting goals to fire up the motivation!

quiltmania said...

I am a sucker for outdoor themed panels as well. They are so great for a man quilt. Good luck on your list!

Melissa said...

Good luck with everything! I love the look of the man quilt so far.

Rachel said...

My hubby loves wolves, eagles, deer, etc...I have been collecting too..LOL..maybe I should get motivated to make instead of collect, LOL. It is looking great!

Janine said...

Good luck with all your february finishes. Your man quilt is going to be wonderful :)