Thursday, February 7, 2013

Bee Block Makin' in the Middle of the Night!

Is that a song?  It could be.  Where's my ukulele?

So hubby works at 5 AM which means I have to start his breakfast in about 10 minutes at 3 AM so it wasn't even worth it for me to go to bed since I normally go around midnight.

I got all of my bee blocks and some quilting done.  The house was so quiet I had to put ear buds in and listen to Pandora!

The back of the Quilt U Be Mine so far:

Tanya's Pippi Longstalking block:

Kelleigh's solid and white block:

And Renae's improv block:

Bee/Round Robin (Stash Bee, Make it Modern, MMMRR)
Quilt U Be Mine Finish (I'm adding to it to make it bigger, done by the 14th)
Pink doll quilt for a friend's grandgirl (no plan yet done by the end of the month)
Aaron's Man Quilt (some progress will be my ALYOF goal quilt, done by the end of the month)
Make It Modern Mama Goose Quilt (start assembly and get as far as I can on this top)
Easy Street (If I get everything else done then I'll make a bit of progress on this)


Michele said...

You crazy all nighter what you are doing with the Quilt U Be Mine piece. Maybe I should send mine to you and let you finishe it for me.

Pen Pen said...

I guess you will sleep today?? LOL I love love love the Pippi block!!

✾Jamie Lee Cooley✾ said...

Wow, you are really on a roll! The quilting looks amazing from the back!

quiltmania said...

What a delightful night/morning of quilting!

Rachel said...

We will just start calling you "Miss Productive"! Love the quilting!!