Monday, February 18, 2013

Finally Something To Show!

Well it isn't completely done yet (still needs binding) but the quilting is done!  First though, I won my choice of a charm pack as the giveaway prize from the Make It Modern Bee that I'm in so I trundled over to Southern Fabric and took a looksee.  Well there has been a line of fabric that I fell in love with before it even was available and when it did come out I couldn't get any and they had a charm pack of it so I snapped it up!  So happy on Saturday when hubby brought this home!

Woot!  Everytime I look at it I smile!  I've had to look at it a lot after yesterday's Downton Abbey...... *mutter*

Anyway, now to the quilt.  Still needs it's binding of course but here it is.  Ignore any cat hair you see, Tama decided I needed help with the quilting.  Silly cat!

 Some quilting close ups.


I did a lot of different quilting designs, just whatever took my fancy at the time.  Tomorrow I'm going to start adding borders to the second of these so I can get it done before I see the girls these are going to on March 8.  My ALYOF goal will not get met this month but I'll recycle it for next month.  Hubby already said he can wait till the end of March for his quilt.  What a good guy!


✾Jamie Lee Cooley✾ said...

Your quilting looks amazing! What is your secret? Those hearts are especially wonderful!

Rachel said...

Sam, it looks awesome! Hugs to hubby on the waiting!

{ HeatherK @ AReformedHeath'n } said...

This looks amazing! I love how you continued to use pieced borders all the way out. Your friend will love it!

Michele said...

Wow. You did a terrific job finishing this off. I know that it will be chreished.

JoAnne said...

How beautiful! What a great finish. Such a great prize, too. I'm still unhappy about Downton. I suspect something was coming, though, as the actor wanted to leave the show. But I really liked him!

Pen Pen said...

Nice quilt...full of "love'. I watch Downton Abbey too...... :(((