Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Making Progress....

I finished adding more borders to my Quilt U Be Mine quilt top and started quilting it about an hour ago after I got it all pin basted.  That reveal will be on the 14th.

I also got the other two of my Mama Goose blocks from the lovely Make it Modern Bee ladies and layed them out in the shape that the quilt will take.  My work table was a little small but you can get the gist I think:

Imagine the middle as a spiderweb sort of like the one found in this quilt:

Then the triangles between the Mama Geese with her babies will be a wonkily pieced largish goose surrounded by gray.  The other thing I'm thinking is maybe I'll make more of the blocks to do another round flying in the opposite direction for the next row out so that it will be a quilt that is nice and large for my bed.  I already have the quilting in my brain to and I can't WAIT to finish quilting the Quilt You Be Mine and getting hubby's Man Quilt done so that I can get going on this.  I'm SO excited and I just love all of the scrappy gorgeousness that are these blocks that the ladies sent me!  I'm determined to finish this quilt as early in March as possible so we can use it!

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Becky (My Fabric Obsession) said...

So fun! Excited to see this one come together!