Sunday, February 10, 2013

Semi-productive Week

I didn't get as much done as I wanted to, but I got more done than I thought I would!

I ended up spending a couple of days following my hubby around while he metal detected.  We didn't find anything really good.  We found maybe a total of 60 cents and a lot of foil, bottle caps, pull tabs from cans, some wire, some nails and other assorted fasteners like nuts and bolts.

I got all of my commitments done and everything will be in the mail on Monday or Tuesday!  I love getting it all done early and out the door.  Less stress.

I have one more border to quilt on my Quilt U Be Mine quilt.  I haven't got the faintest idea what I will bind it with yet.  I also need to get cracking on the doll quilt but that should only take me a day.

I'm guessing I'll be working on Hubby's quilt starting Tuesday and I'm not stopping until it is done!  He will be excited to see me finally doing something with it.  I'll be excited if I can remember what the heck I planned to do with it after all this time.  :D

I hope everyone is having a lovely Sunday and that your week starts right!

Bee/Round Robin (Stash Bee, Make it Modern, MMMRR)
Quilt U Be Mine Finish (I'm adding to it to make it bigger, done by the 14th)
Pink doll quilt for a friend's grandgirl (no plan yet done by the end of the month)
Aaron's Man Quilt (some progress will be my ALYOF goal quilt, done by the end of the month)
Make It Modern Mama Goose Quilt (start assembly and get as far as I can on this top)
Easy Street (If I get everything else done then I'll make a bit of progress on this)

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Rachel said...

Way to go! Can't wait for the reveal! Happy hubby's are more fun :-)