Friday, February 22, 2013

Whatcha doin'?

I spent the morning taking every single UFO out and photographing it then adding the pictures to my UFO page.  That was a task I've been wanting to do for a while.

Once I got them all packed back in the bins I finished the last mitered corner on the second border that I added to this:

And now I'm working to expand Hubby's quilt back to the size that the quilt will eventually be.

I also got 2 commission quilt orders this morning that I'm waiting on the details for.  They will be between lap and twin sized.  Can't wait to find out the details so I can get cracking on them!

Later I have to do my grocery lists since we are nearly out of everything and tomorrow is going to be a shopping day.  I HATE shopping days but they have to be done, and at least I'll have hubby with me and we'll get to go out for either breakfast or lunch.  I haven't been out of this house in nearly a week!  Tomorrow I'll have to take some DayQuil to get through it all but it will be worth it to get out of the house.

Hope everyone has a more fun Saturday planned than I do!


Rachel said...

Both projects are looking awesome! I hate grocery shopping!!

Izzy said...

The quilts are great! I hate grocery shopping too... That's why sweetie is in charge of that one! :-)

Michele said...

The QUBM quilt is really great. The additions are terrific.