Wednesday, February 6, 2013

W.I.P. Wednesday

Today I'm working on all of the bee blocks for this month!
Stash Bee: 
An adorable Pippi Longstocking block!  Can't wait to pull fabric and get going!
Make it Modern: 
For Kelleigh - Any 12.5 inch unfinished block with white background and bright solids.  I know just what block I'm going to make and I already pulled my fabrics for this one.
For Renae - 15 inch lime green, vivid purple, aqua and white improv block.  I know what I'm making and I have pulled what fabric I have that match the criteria, I hope it is enough!

Also I have the Quilt U Be Mine quilt on the machine being quilted.  I added borders to make it almost 70 inches square.  I had to pull out my backup machine to make bee blocks, to lazy to take the quilt off the Pfaff and change thread.  The reveal for that one is on the 14th so no pictures.  Wow, this post is going to be very picture light I guess.  I do have about 36 square inches of the middle FMQed.  Not bad for one day!

I'm hoping I get picked for a challenge.  If that happens then I won't be working on hubby's quilt until I finish the challenge.  I think I bit off more than I can chew making it my February goal to finish it completely anyway.  I forgot how much I had planned for his quilt.  I'm still going to really try to get as much done as possible, and who knows, maybe I will get it done.  After all I had to mostly deconstruct, reconstruct and finish last month's finish in the last 10 days of the month and I got it done.  If I can do that I can do anything!

A reminder of where I'm starting with hubby's man quilt as it is laying on my work table while I ruminate on what I want to change and add to my original plan.  I did add more to the back since I took this picture.

Bee blocks and more quilting, here I come!

Bee/Round Robin (Stash Bee, Make it Modern, MMMRR)
Quilt U Be Mine Finish (I'm adding to it to make it bigger, done by the 14th)
Pink doll quilt for a friend's grandgirl (no plan yet done by the 8th)
Aaron's Man Quilt (some progress will be my ALYOF goal quilt, done by the end of the month)
Make It Modern Mama Goose Quilt (start assembly and get as far as I can on this top)
Easy Street (If I get everything else done then I'll make a bit of progress on this)


Second Chance Tan said...

I really hope you enjoy making Pippi! The first block arrived through my door today, I am so thrilled about the Pippi's people are making for me.... it's going to be a fun quilt x

Pen Pen said...

Wow, there is a lot of detail going into hubby's wolf quilt. Are you quilting as you go on this one? Looks so interesting!

Anonymous said...

I really like how you highlighted the wolf print in the stars. That is an idea I may "borrow" from you, if you don't mind!

Chris said...

Sounds like you are pretty busy. I really like the star for your hubby's quilt.

Jenelle said...

Good luck with your bee blocks! Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. :)

Rachel said...

LOVE Pippi, can't wait to see it! I have my Quilt U Be Mine blocks (I played in two groups)and was just thinking of what to do...making them bigger sounds awesome, thanks for the idea!