Thursday, April 25, 2013

Holy massive fabric haul Batman!

My friend Leslie who I gave a quilt to recently gifted me with about 3 yards of each of these..

Aren't they super bright and happy?  I can't wait to use them in something.  I have so many other projects going though that they will just have to wait.  

My daughter didn't want her dresser anymore so we put it in my sewing space and I put as much of my stash in it as I could fit, then I put my WIPs on the shelf where my fabric used to be.  I figure that way I see them all the time maybe I'll work on them instead of always starting new stuff!  It might work...?

The other fabric I got this week came from an estate that my son's M-I-L was helping clean out.  Three garbage bags, about half full!  Wow!  I've got all but one load of it washed and folded.  There are a lot of blends and some silk and polyester in it but there was also quite a bit of cotton kids fabrics so I see plenty of donation quilts (and a couple for our grandbaby that is percolating) in my future.  

Today the girl child (I say child but she is 22!) and I are having a girl's day.  She wants to go to Shipwreck beads because she has money.  Her beading addiction is almost as bad as my fabric addiction!  We'll probably do some grocery shopping and maybe even go see a movie.

I hope everyone out there has a great Thursday!


Rachel said...

What a haul!!

Michele said...

Yowza that is a LOT of fabric. Have fun playing with it all.