Monday, April 29, 2013

May Goal Post

It seems like when I do these goal posts that I actually get something accomplished so I'm going to go ahead and jump in with a goal post today.

Things I have to get done in May:
Stash Bee Block
Modern Mini Mystery Round Robin border added
Make it Modern Bee blocks
Commissioned quilt top for Monroe
Commissioned quilt top for Reagan

Things I'd like to get done additionally in May:
Monroe's quilt FMQed
Reagan's quilt FMQed
Global Bazaar Churn Dash Quilt top done

Since I have the MMMRR top that I'm supposed to work on already I'm going to do it as soon as I get hubby's quilt done, which I think is going to happen today, I'm that close to done with it!

In other news, our car needs one of the brake calipers replaced but the parts store keeps saying it will be here at a certain time and then it is not, for the last 3 days now!  Hubby is driving it anyway and hopefully the part is there tomorrow so we can get it replaced so I can have the car on Wednesday to get a mass of errands done and see if I can pick up the fabric for the two commissions I need to get started on.

Also, our hive of honey bees made it through the winter, only to be lost to an ant colony that decided to raid them.  We didn't notice until it was to late and once we got the ants stopped the bees were to far gone.  Hubby was not very happy about it but this will give him a year to build new bee boxes and then we'll start over next spring with 5 hives.  Plus we have a new plan for where to put them that I think will work better anyway.

I'm just glad that better weather is finally here and I can open the windows and enjoy the bird song and the fresh air.  Now that May is here I should probably think about getting some squash, tomatoes and leafy greens in the ground too. :D

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JoAnne said...

Goals seem like a good idea, but I'm not organized yet to do it myself. It is too bad about the bees! It seems like everything is conspiring against them--scary!