Saturday, April 27, 2013

This and That

Don't you love when your Saturday doesn't turn out the way you think it will, but it turns out alright anyway?

First a funny story on my hubby:

My wonderful hubby Aaron didn't have to work today. I thought this meant sleeping and not worrying about getting up to get him off to work. At 6 A.M. he started rubbing my back, waking me up. I was like "Wha..? Huh?.. whas wrong?"

He keeps rubbing my back (and I'm not complaining cuz I enjoy a good back rub just about any time) and says something like.... "You weren't snoring and I couldn't see you breathing so I was making sure you were still alive..." (something like that, my memory of 6 A.M. is never very good). 

I of course started laughing cuz that is just to funny to me. I say "You complain that I keep you awake if you wake up and I AM snoring... yet you worry that I'm dead if I'm NOT snoring!!??"
For the record.. he snores WAY louder than I do anyway. And I guess this means he must love me if he wakes me up to make sure I'm still alive. :D

In other news all my bee stuff is done!  Anything that wasn't mailed already will be mailed on Monday.  I worked on this one yesterday and for some reason just could not get it right.  There are several failed attempts up on my "I can use this for something...." pile.  This morning hubby printed the pattern on card stock for me, I went out and it went together in about an hour!  Doh!  For Jen, Make It Modern:

The flash on my camera wasn't working for some reason so these look really dark.

The rest of today was spent cutting up some fat quarters and beginning the piecing on some churn dash blocks.  So I have two churn dash quilt tops in the making at the moment.  

Once I get the fabric for them I'll be working on a couple of commissioned memory quilts.  I think until that fabric comes, starting tomorrow I'm going to jam on hubby's quilt as much as possible and get it as far along as I can.

After that I have two more commissioned snuggle quilts and then a wedding quilt that is also a commission.  I'm very, very excited that I will finally be turning my "hobby" into a little bit of $$.  That will allow me to fabric shop when I want AND be able to continue to donate quilts.  The fabric haul from my previous post will also help a lot in being able to make and donate quite a few kid quilts which makes me really happy!

This morning I organized our blankey stack.  Four of the quilts on it are actually cutters and we don't really use them, plus there are few fleece throws in the pile and it is missing 5 quilts from our beds and the couch.  It's a getting to be a respectable stack!  We won't be going cold at least. :D

I'll be adding some finishes to this stack over the summer and getting the cutters out of there.  I have a friend of a friend who likes to display cutter quilts with her decor so I'll make sure she gets them as they come off the stack so she can display them if she wants to.

There you have it.. a post about, nothing much.  LOL!


✾Jamie Lee Cooley✾ said...

He he! That's a funny story about your husband! The feathers look good!

Newbie Jen said...

Samantha, those feather blocks look awesome!

Alycia said...

Too funny....

Love your stack of quilts!! I love watching them grow ;-)